30*25cm Car Organizer Seat Back Storage Elastic Car Mesh Net Bag

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30*25cm Car Organizer Seat Back Storage Elastic Car Mesh Net Bag Description

Style: car seat middle storage net pocket

Appearance size: 30*25cm

Material: Oxford cloth + mesh

Product introduction: Applicable to all cars, SUVs and other models, multi-functional two-seat storage bags, magazines such as mineral water, paper towels and other debris, can also prevent the rear children from interfering with driving, driving safer.

Product specifications: 30*25cm long * wide) full stretch can stretch

Installation location: trunk or other suitable location (requires the buyer to determine the installation location)

Product Description: The visual effect of the elastic net pocket is small, but the elastic stroke of the net pocket is very good. It is best to be elastic and tight, in order to better fix the stable luggage. Under normal circumstances, the large finishing box can be well fixed. .

Single and double layer difference: two layers are equal to two single layers, three sides are sealed, the middle is a net pocket, small items can be placed in the middle of the interlayer, which can play a good fixing role, the single layer is only one layer structure, less / Small items do not function well.


1. The product is a fully elastic mesh surface with high strength and flexibility. It effectively overcomes the shortcomings such as the drooping of the mesh surface, the small amount of storage, and the poor fixed items after the use of the general inelastic mesh bag.

2, the mesh surface is smooth and beautiful, feel good.

3, the new hook uses strong nylon material, more robust and reliable

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