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If you are one of those who rides bike regularly then you should have a look on our website ​www.wishhub.pk  where you can find many accessories related to bike. Our main purpose is to provide our customers with good quality products in reduced prices as our website is working on a concept of cost minimisation.

Here is a compiled short list of some Bike accessories in Pakistan that are definitely worth checking out. As you can see some of the items are simple such as carbon fibre tank pad which works as a tank protector for motorcycle. Other than that we provide LED turn signal which increases the visibility of your bike during the day and night to improve safety. These LED lights can protect you from unfortunate accidents as it will give awareness to the person driving behind you.

Also the website displays the motorcycle IC card alarm which have sensor that can detect within a range of 6cm. These all products are available in reduced prices as the supply of all products on are website does not involve any middle person. Its directly from the supplier to customer. These all products are available on our website with prices and detail given. You can order these products by following some simple steps mentioned on the website. If you have any difficulty you may message us and you will get a response in few hours. For further query you can visit our office situated in Lahore.