Colorful Massage Roller Stress Relief Wooden Roller Foot Massager

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Colorful Massage Roller Stress Relief Wooden Roller Foot Massager Description

About The Product:
  1.   DUAL MASSAGER FOR SOOTHING RELIEF: When suffering from hard skin on your heel or any part of you feet, or suffering from any other foot ailments, massage     BOTH your feet on DUAL soothing foot massager, which will sooth your feet, and you will feel a refreshing relief.
  2.  REST & UNWIND-TREAT YOURSELF- After a long tiring day, being on your feet all day- it/'ll need to rest up. Your tired and aching feet will feel so much better when relaxing over foot massage,In the comfort of your home.
  3.  PROMOTES HEALTH NATURALLY-  foot massager helps your blood circulate better from your feet, all through your body, Heals all different foot ailments. It acts like a natural remedy to your feet.
  4.  HIGH QUALITY-PORTABLE- Being that it/'s lightweight, you can easily carry our foot massager to wherever you/'d like, and even take it along when traveling. It was manufactured with extremely GRADE A DURABLE wood material, which was tested, to ensure its high quality.
  1.Great tool for stress relief, relaxation and soothing comfort for your body
  2.Touches and applies perfect pressure to most relevant points of your foot
  3.Relax and soothe stiff muscles
  4.Helps improve blood circulation on your foot, which lead to a healthy life
  5.Made out of real wood to provide natural effect
  6. Acupressure Mode: Place your feet on the massager, where you will need the relief . Press your feet down and feel the pressure of all 6 rows of rollers on your feet for 2-3 seconds. Release and relax. Great for targeted stimulation or when you do not wish to move your legs too much.
 7. Kneading Mode: Roll your feet gently on the massager back and forth in opposite directions
 8. Your tired aching feet need a vacation, to refresh itself and feel new again.
Approximate Dimensions :27*20.5*5cm
Material : Wood
 Package Includes:
1*Wooden Roller Foot Massager

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